Customer Reviews on Autopilot

Rating Grades makes it easy for your happy customers to leave 5-star reviews on influential review sites.

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customer reviews automated

Keeping Feedback Simple

Requesting Reviews
Made Easy

Keep it simple! The easier it is to leave a review, the more likely someone will. See how your campaigns are working for you, and get real-time review counts from popular sites.

set up campaign

Set Up Your Campaign

Follow our step-by-step tutorials to quickly and easily set up campaigns, and start getting reviews immediately.
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send review requests

Send Review Invites

Send email and text invitations to each customer as they walk out the door, or bulk upload a list of customers from your database.

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review generation

Collect New Reviews

Watch the new business roll in as your online ratings rise. New customers love to see a high rating, and RatingGrades can help you get there.

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Our Vision

Grow Your Business with More Positive Reviews

Rating Grades uses a clean and simple method for requesting reviews from your recent customers. Our software encourages your happy customers to share their experience with the community on an influential review site like Google or Yelp. At the same time, it encourages any customers who may have had a less-than-awesome experience to fill out a feedback form without directing them to a review site. Negative feedback submissions go directly to your inbox which helps you address the specific needs and concerns of your valued customers while keeping your online ratings high.

generate positive reviews
guide customer journey

Guide the Customer Journey

Time Reviews to Your Customer Lifecycle

Rating Grades allows happy customers to leave a 5-star review as quickly as you can ask them for one. The clean and simple design sends happy customers directly to the point where they can start typing their reviews. You can send them an invitation to review your business as they are walking out the door with smiles of satisfaction. The minimal amount of steps it takes allows them to have your review submitted before they even leave the parking lot. That’s fast!

Elevate Your Reputation

Don’t Miss a Single Review Opportunity

Making the review process accessible and easy on the customer is key, but there are times when customers can’t leave a review immediately. The Rating Grades system allows you to configure follow-up messages to customers at key points. If they miss your initial request, automatically send another after a day, week, or custom set time intervals. Send reminders to customers who opened the message but haven’t click through to leave a review. Capture as many reviews as possible with strategic follow-ups.

review opportunities
customoized messages branding


Customized Messages & Branding

Upload your company logo and fine-tune the message on your requests to fit your brand and speak your customer demographics. When your customers receive a review request, it should strengthen brand trust, not the other way around. RatingGrades allows for local area phone number selection for SMS requests and a “send emails from” field so all your requests look legitimately from your company. This builds brand trust and makes people more likely to leave a review.