negative feedback management

Prevent Negative Online Reviews

Low online ratings are bad for business. The negative feedback manager helps to easily and privately avoid bad online review postings that lower your rating and hurt your business. The first interaction your customers will have with RatingGrades review requests will determine whether they are likely to leave a positive or negative review.

feedback form

Encourage the Good, Block the Bad

Choose from two methods of determining if a positive or negative review is likely. The first method simply asks customers if they had a good or bad experience. If good, they will be encouraged to pick a review site and share their positive experience online. If bad, they will be redirected to a private feedback form that sends directly to you, avoiding negative online review postings.

star rating threshold

Star Rating Threshold

The second method available for deciphering the potential good review form the bad is the star rating method. Customers will be asked to rate their experience based on 1-5 stars. If they respond with 4 stars or higher, they will be encouraged to pick a review site and share their positive experience. If less than 4, they will be redirected to the private feedback form. Choose if you want to send 3, 4, or only 5 star initial responses to the review sites.

convert customers reviews

Convert Unhappy Customers to 5-Star Reviews

The negative feedback manager does more than prevent bad reviews from hitting the web. It also presents an opportunity to repair customer relationships. By asking how you can improve, customers have a chance to express their grievances. Then, you can respond to offer apologies, explanations, corrections to the situation, and potentially turn them from an unhappy customer to a happy repeat customer who wrote a 5-star review online.