Getting Started Guide

Get Started with RatingGrades in a Few Easy Steps

  1. Sign up and log in
  2. Set up your campaign – There are many customization options, but only a few steps that are required before you’re ready to send. Make sure you set up the following items first.
    • Email: On the “Email messages” tab, input the name and email address where the review invitations will be sent from. This is how email requests will appear in your customers’ inboxes. It’s best practice to use a trusted email address connected to your domain to avoid deliverability issues. Make sure to also add the reply-to email and click Save when you’re done.
    • Phone: On the “Text messages” tab, choose a phone number to use when sending text message requests to your customers. Pick an area code that matches where your customers live or where your business is located, then select one of the available numbers. Using an area code local to your customers can improve trust and increase conversions. Be sure to click Save after your selection.
    • Listings: On the “Review sites” tab, add the listings where you want to send your customers to post their reviews online. You’ll find specific instructions for getting the optimal review link to each site. Click save after entering your listings.
  3. Customize and Send
    • Add your logo: Upload your company logo on the “Campaign info” tab. We recommend a horizontally aligned logo at about 300-600px on the long end.
    • Customize your messaging: The other fields on this tab are all customizable, but they have predefined inputs. You can fine-tune them to match your brand voice, or go ahead and send as is. Be sure to click Save after making any changes.
    • Add your customers: Once the previous items are saved, you’re ready to add your happy customers. On the “Recipients” tab, add them individually or via .csv upload. Review requests are sent at the time of upload unless they are added outside normal business hours. In that case, they send the following day.